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    • Heating systems in the home
      Wondering whether your boiler is past it? Whether there are grants to install new storage heaters? Want to take advantage of the renewable heat incentive and get paid for producing hot water? Considering a biomass boiler This is the dedicated place to come and discuss your heating questions with our community!
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    • Insulation in the home
      Questions on insulation? You've come to the right place! Need to know which type of insulation to use? Unsure of what a U-value is? Wondering how much insulation costs and how to install it? Step in and join our growing community!
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    • Grants and Subsidies for energy saving measures and renewables
      There are loads of schemes now running to help homes in the UK become more energy efficient, including the Green Deal, ECO, the feed-in tariff, renewable heat incentive and lots of local government led initiatives too. In this blog, we want people to share their experiences good and bad - be it to show off that you got the feed-in tariff locked in at over 40p / kWh, or that you have burning questions about whether the Green Deal effects property sale prices, this is the place to come!
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    • Energy Saving Tips
      Don't boil a full kettle, swap out your halogen light bulbs with LEDs. These are the kind of energy saving tips we give out every day, but it seems you lot are far more creative than us! Here is the place to share your energy saving ideas with our wider community!
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    • Help with Renewables including solar PV and wind turbines
      Over 500,000 people in the UK are now producing their own electricity from Solar PV panels on their roofs.Are you interested in joining them? Have you got a question for our solar engineers? Do you want to set a micro hydroelectric system on the stream at the end of your garden? Wondering how best to install a renewable energy solution - step into this forum now!
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       Nick Miles