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    Are DECC canning subsidies for wind turbines to fast track installs?

    Heard on the radio this morning that DECC are planning to kill subsidises for on shore wind turbines. Is this simply a money saving exercise or is it in fact to fast-track everything in the pipeline so there is a chance that we will have enough power over the coming winter?! It seems to me that an old power station goes off line every other week but what are we doing to replace them? I know they announced a new nuclear reactor but when will that actually start producing. We are screwed and it seems the Government can’t produce a coherent plan to replace the old plants because the other team (i.e Labour / SNP) will crucify them whatever they end up choosing….

    Nuclear – nuclear waste
    Coal / Gas – pollution
    Wind turbines – noisey and an eye sore (although nuclear plants and coal / gas aren’t exactly sexy).
    Solar – intermittent (obviously wind is too!)

    So are far as I see it we are in deep deep trouble.

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