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    There are a few companies who have funding for new boilers although there is normally partial contribution required from the household – you should be prepared to pay approximately £500. In addition you will need to be on the correct Government entitlements in order to get this funding.


    Need combi boiler


    I managed to get free boiler from local company during July. Really good. Was completely free. Had very old boiler before. Now I need new double glazing. Anyone know scheme for me and my family?

    James Alcock

    Hi Guys,
    There aren’t unfortunately any grants for new boilers anymore. The ECO scheme has now all but finished – this was the scheme that allowed individuals on certain Government entitlements to get new boilers installed.

    The Green Deal was a finance mechanism, so you could get energy saving things installed, but as you said – it has now been cancelled.

    There are companies out there who offer finance on new boilers, but just be careful to read the small print to make sure you aren’t going to be paying too much over the long term.


    Any suggestion


    Are there grants for new boilers

    my boiler is now really old and has started making funny noises. Is there a grant to help cover the cost of a new boiler? I saw green deal but read government had scrapped it? Is there anything else?

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