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    Hi Thomas, we deal with a number of farms and farmers and tenant farms as well. In answer to your question you will be classed as a commercial and therefore benefit from the commercial RHI. If you need to know more do let me know.


    Hi Thomas, have you tried to speak with someone in OFGEM (administrators of the scheme) to find out. My colleague did say that most farmers he knows have got the Commercial RHI – it is also much more generous.


    Biomass for my farm

    So we live on a working farm, but don’t know whether we would qualify for the commerical or domestic RHI.This is difficult to define in my view as the farm’s farmhouse is unique to other homes. It’s like during the day when the farmer is active, the farmhouse has commercial status, when he’s resting, its where he resides, and therefore residential.

    I would define commercial as a place of work and not sleep. Any old Farmhouse in private ownership without the association of farm business I’d expect to be classed as residential as with any other building that is viewed as a home. However in our case, the farmhouse is directly associated with a working farm. In terms of the IR, inheritance tax, and VAT, the farmhouse is considered as an intrinsic part of the farm and therefore the farmhouse shares many commercial benefits of the farm business. I assume this is because the farmhouse is the ‘caretaker’s office, place of rest, rest room for sick animals, place to store misc farm equipment, etc.

    So to get close to answering your question, a farmer is more active than resting, so there is more commercial share than residential. Also if the cattle got out in the middle of the night, the farmer would be in a position to retrieved the herd as he was on the business premises. So although he was sleeping on the job, I’d go for commercial if we had to choose one or the other.

    Has anyone got any views?

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