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  • stef

    can you claim cash back for a new heating system including condensing boiler and flue gas heat recovery(to get two measures) with no existing boiler or CH in the property.

    Tim Haas

    I’m getting free loft and cavity wall insulation installed next week, can I get the cashback from this new scheme on this job?

    James Alcock

    Hi Phil,
    Unfortunately not – you need to get ‘over 50% of the windows changed’ for it to qualify as a measure in both the case of secondary and double glazing, so if you opt to install over 50% of the windows with double glazing it is impossible to get also get over 50% of secondary glazing and visa versa.

    Phil Hammond

    I am trying to get my windows replace but I don’t want double glazing throughout. Can I get secondary glazing and double glazing under the green deal, and does that count for 2 measures to get the £1000?

    James Alcock

    The GDHIF is launching on the 9th June apparently and this will replace the old cashback scheme – although there will be a months overlap when the schemes will be running side by side. We have pulled together a really comprehensive guide to the scheme, which you can read by clicking here

    The standout details are that if you want to get solid wall insulation – there has never been a better time – you can now get £6k towards a solid wall insulation.

    The other offer involves taking two measures and you will get £1000 off the cumulative cost of the measures provided the total cost of the works is over £1250.

    This presents an issue for many households who were trying to get the cashback simply to replace the new boiler. However there is a way to get round this and that is by taking installing a boiler and a flue gas heat recovery system. This counts as two measures – and will allow you to get the full £1000 towards the install cost. There are numerous companies that offer these two products, like Vaillant and Ideal – although since you are getting an extra bit of kit it is going to cost more (but less than half of the £1000 cashback!)

    The final thing to note is that if you have moved into your home in the last 12 months you can get an additional £500 – bringing the total cashback for a boiler up to £1500!! Not too shabby!!

    Alan Bouquet

    Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

    Hi Everyone,
    As you may know, Green Deal Cashback has been available for some time, with cash available for a whole range of measures from insulation to boilers. The scheme is changing very shortly and has quite a few implications:

    – You will now have to get 2 measures installed to get any cashback, unless you are getting solid wall insulation.
    – There have been changes to which measures qualify – so do check our blog on the new fund.
    – There are further incentives including money back on the assessment if you get measures installed, plus money for those taking up measures who have just moved home.

    The old cashback scheme may still be the better deal for you – if so you have until June 30th before the old scheme finishes.

    Ask us if you have any questions…

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