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  • Alan Bouquet

    Hello Tish,
    25 panels is a big old system – probably around 6kW. It is a fairly reasonable price, but unless you are using a lot of electricity during the day I’m not sure if it is worth it. When you go above a 4kW system (about 16 panels), the feed in tariff payments drop, so you are making a bit less per kW of electricity you produce. It might still be worth it if you happen to use a lot of electricity during the day however, or if you are very clever with the way you use the electricity you produce. Using systems like the optimmersion or the apollo gem will help make best use of the spare electricity.

    Good luck with your installation!

    Tish Fildes

    How much electricity will 25 solar panels produce

    Hi, we had a solar man come round and he told us they could comfortably fit 25 solar panels on our roof. The quote was £10,000 + VAT. Is that reasonable and how much electricity will that produce. Any help would be much appreciated! (We are based down in St. Austell in Cornwall if anyone is local and can suggest another solar company!)

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