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  • Dave

    Not sure about going for either to be honest. Well maybe I tell a lie. If you are replacing your heating system, it is worth upgrading the plumbing by including the solar thermal tubes. Otherwise the only way I see the solar PV technology working now if two things happen. 1: the price of a system goes down a bit more in cost; 2: we can store this electricity so the usage isn’t intermittent.

    James Alcock

    The feed-in tariff details have been released for the new year and it doens’t make pretty reading for those looking to install solar PV – the rate is dropping from 12.47p/kwh down to just 4.38p/kWh taking the financial payback from a 4kw system from 7-8 years to closer to 12 years.

    Clinton Spyker

    If you have the choice between solar thermal and solar PV, always go for solar PV if you have a south facing roof (or even South East through south west for that matter). Solar Thermal gets the RHI which will cover about 2/3 of the install cost over the 7 years. Solar PV will gets the Feed in tariff and you will pay back on a system within about 8 years – but then will continue receiving quartlery payments until 20 years are up (the feed in tariff is paid over 20 years).

    Therefore from a financial return Solar PV trumps solar PV every time!


    Solar panels or solar thermal

    Hi, I have £5,000 to invest from an underperforming ISA. I was wondering whether the finacial return is better for a solar panel system that produces electricity or installing a solar hot water system. I am not sure if the solar hot water systems even work very well here in Yorkshire, but I have read you can claim some gov. money!!

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