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  • James Alcock

    Hi Sarah, 2.5kW is going to produce you about 2000kWh of electricity per year (most in the summer and obviously only during the day!). That normally meets about 50% of the demand of an average home, so not too bad! If you can put more panels on a west facing roof then definitely worth doing. If you set the system up with micro inverters too, then that will help maximise efficiency. But with solar panels, the cost of adding an extra panel is relatively small compared so trying to maximise the size of the total array is always a good idea in terms of financial return.

    Sarah Pettit

    I’m think of Solar PV, but been told that I can only get 2.5kW on my smaller South facing roof. I have a West sloping garage as well but can’t imagine that would be worthwhile. Does anyone have experience of this?


    The electrician that wired my panels up told me that domestic buildings couldn’t have more than 4kw worth of panels as it could overload the wiring. Also…when I got mine, the FIT was lower for over 4kw as it was regarded as an industrial installation.

    Rosario Bonds

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    Alan Bouquet

    Chris is right. 11kW of panels would meet your demand on an average day – but if you are heating the home with electricity you will need extra energy in the winter, plus in winter, you will get about a fifth of the energy from the panels that you get in summer. To ensure you don’t need the grid at all you would probably need a 40-50kW system – thats about 200 panels!

    I think instead of looking to go offgrid, you should look to complement grid electricity with solar. By all means, fit as many panels on your roof as you can, it will pay back well even with just a 4kW system, but you will get diminishing returns as you get bigger, because you will end up exporting loads of electricity at a low rate of 4.64p.


    Chris that sounds about right, you would need about 44 panels for an 11kw system, they are 250w each.

    A really important point to remember is that the amount of electricity you produce is not consistent through the year. In the winter you produce far less than the summer months, so you would need to really oversize the system to meet your winter electricity demand. In terms of energy storage there are a few companies that offer a solution. Energy Gain / Bright Green Energy to name a couple but it is an expensive way to go!

    Betty Francis

    Hello Chris,
    Im no expert but from what I understand you are going to need 40 odd panels to get 11kw. You will need a huge house to fit all those things on!

    Chris Pearson

    Solar Panels

    Hi, I am looking to take my home largely off grid. My last 12 months energy usage was 9,246kWh of electricity (we don’t use gas for heating / hot water).

    How many solar panels would I need and what kind of area would this take up. I have done a bit of research and I think it would be 11kw of panels. does that sound right? how big is each panel? Also are there commercial systems available that allow you to store electricity. Obviously to go off grid we could do with being able to use some of the electricity at night!

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