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  • James Baines

    Where abouts are you based Martin?

    Martin Dando

    Too green to be green


    Not sure what I’m looking for but I’m really confused about where to go to get some guidance on maximising our greenness.

    We have a old (1598) stone house, so no cavity walls, it has singled glazed windows which are currently too costly to replace as the building is listed. There is no loft to insulate as it has been converted to bedrooms. We have a bio mass boiler, an Esse Ironheart cooker fuelled by logs and next week should see some solar panels going on the roof.

    As a start I’d like to get a monitor that would help to get the best out of the solar panels especially as there are 6 children in the house who have yet to master the off switch.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Martin Dando

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