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    Quick answer to you John – move on a long time ago…new Green Deal launching this year but won’t be underpinned by free money, pretty much mostly finance based.

    James Alcock

    Agreed – I think the best way to ‘move on’ from the Green Deal is to speak to local estate agents and try to beef up EPC work. We also offer our GreenAge Plus training for assessors around the countries. These reports are for homeowners who specifically want to get an expert review on the current state of their residential property and then the potential improvements they can put in place – what the processes to do this are and also the financial returns all calculated (e.g. the RHI payments for a heat pump for example).

    We are always hearing rumblings that the Green Deal will come back and to be honest I think that does have to be the case because currently there are millions of people in fuel poverty so they need a mechanism to help improve that situation. Anyway – we hope that 2016 will be a little more positive in terms of Government support (potentially wishful thinking!)

    Nick Miles

    Hi Jon, sorry that you are in this position. Appreciate you have spent £1000s to get yourself trained under the Green Deal and now it has disappointed everyone – customers and industry professionals included.

    Quite a tough one to say what the assessors are doing right now given there is little or no work in the industry. They have probably gone back to the jobs or industries they were working in before or as Susan suggests they are probably trying to make ends meet by concentrating more on the EPC side.

    I would advise not to give up just yet as the green industry still has a very bright future, but just a bit of a shame that the current Government are taking an age to realise it.


    Hi Jon,
    I think thousands of green Deal assessors are going to be in your position. What the Government did was a huge blow to the industry especially as so many people had retrained to do exactly as you did, the Green Deal assessments. As a company we have done just a handful since the scheme ended, and all of those people were looking for detailed energy saving advice rather than looking to take advatnage of the finance that would have been made available to them.

    Anyway, looking forward, I suggest speaking to local estate agents and seeing whether there are any EPC contracts that you could get involved with. Unfortunbately the price paid for an EPC isn’t great to be honest, but at least if you signed up with 10 or so estate agents there would be a steady stream of work. I would also look to the commerical side becuase obviously the rewards are far bigger. We do approximately 50 commerical EPCs each month and becuase they tend to be far bigger than residential properties the payments are much bigger. There is unfortunately a cost again for the course, but you should recover this relatively quickly.

    I agree with your point though, I also think the Energy Saving / eco side of things is about to get big. We get hundreds of phonecalls each week from people desperate for help towards energy bills and the like. The problem is though that now the Green Deal has been cancelled there is no Government support for these people so we can only point them to their local councils to see if they can help.


    What are Green deal assessors doing now green deal is dead?

    Hi everyone, I trained (and spent £2000) in the process to become a green deal assessor. This allowed me to carry out green deal assessments on peoples homes. As i am sure you all now know the Government decided to pull the scheme in the Summer because of low uptake. I for one think this is a shame because the scheme was beginning to sort itself out in terms of red tape being cut etc and the whole process being simplified for the end users. My question though is I assume there are thousands of green deal assessors like myself out there who have paid for this training. I assume I am not going to be able to get any money back from the Government despite their pledge to support the green deal sceheme for 20 or so years. I want to know what these GDA’s are doing now! I get zero enquiries now for green deal assessments and to be honest I am desperate. I have looked at the ECO scheme and doing boiler surveys for companies who are offering discounted boilers to households, but I have heard that this is very unpredictable and only very few convert as it has moved away from the free boiler model to a contribution model. Obviously I get a few EPCs still coming through via the register but I just don’t know what to do now. I really do feel the energy saving thing is big especially given the outcome of the Paris talks over the last few weeks, but the Government really don’t seem to give a damn. I am just not sure what to do now the Green deal is dead. Do I move into commerical? Is there another Green Deal type scheme just around the corner? Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

    Jon Jablo

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