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    A replacement scheme for the Green Deal is imminent according to reports over the weekend.

    Greenage announcement earlier this month:

    Green Deal Finance Company Loan Book Sold?

    Sky News Business Report:

    No grants unfortunately. It will be a pay-as-you-save energy scheme underpinned by interest loans to be paid back through energy bills. For more information about pay-as-you-save energy saving schemes please have a look here:


    Are there any grants for solid wall insulation? I am looking to really embrace renewables / energy saving now. Got my solar installed at the beginning of the year on the 13p tariff 🙂

    Just now want to make the place warm ahead of the winter. I am based over in Gloucester.


    Hearing rumblings that the new energy efficiency scheme is just round the corner. It will be on the same basis as the Green Deal, as in Pay as you save, however the issues that made the green deal fail are likely to be ironed out – so better interest rate (more in line with a commercial loan) and the process completely simplified.


    Hi guys, this is just a little something to show my appreciation to yours a great work and efforts which you are doing in a new energy saving scheme and giving us regularly information on your website about possible government new green deal scheme.
    Lets remind ourself not so far in the past was in operation government green deal which was giving tremendous opportunity. It was promising plan of the UK government giving the chance householders improvement in their domestic life with minimum investments supported from Government funds.
    Unfortunately this green deal wasn’t lasting long and was scraped for no reason shortly. When we analyse purpose why it was brought out in the public the simple answer is for reduction of carbon emission and to improve every-days life of householders financially .
    If we fallow government news and every-days action still can’t get full answer.
    At the last World energy summit in October 2015 in Paris the world leaders have signed agreement about the same issue. It seems that nothing has happened since only declaratively.
    Lots of negative things happened since last October internationally and domestically like migrant crises in Europe and a new demand and legitimate right of UK Government for reformed EU.
    It seems that UK Government is now mostly preoccupied with these new headache.
    Hopefully after UK referendum in June will be more clarified Government plan regarding green deal.
    Until than once again a big appreciation to yours, one of the leading, UK TheGreenAge company which is doing big efforts on the field of carbon reduction and householders improvement.


    Hi Ben, that is what we are hearing. They want the ECO scheme to come to end and then relaunch an entirely new energy saving scheme. There are companies offering zero percent finance though if that is of interest, to help cover the cost of energy saving solutions.


    What is going to replace the Green Deal

    We are in desperate need of financial help to cover the cost of new heating and additional insulation. Is there anything planned by government to take over their green deal scheme? Spoken to a few companies and they say there is something brewing but it might not come into play until 2017.

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