Introduction to Render

There are plenty of houses in the UK that have been rendered, so its not that hard to work out that rendering can be really beneficial for a property. It can be a little confusing to look at your rendering options for the first time however – there are plenty of different reasons whether or not to render, and many different types to choose from. Here at the Green Age, we are going to talk you through your options and decide whether rendering is right for you.

Reasons to render

If you have a typical house with exposed brickwork, why might you want to spend a small fortune rendering your walls?

  • Protection – Render is great for protecting your walls. Over the years, brickwork will get damaged and need repointing, and especially in more exposed areas the brickwork is under a constant state of attack from the elements. Rendering creates a protective barrier from the outside world and ensures your brickwork remains unaffected.
  • Damp – Solid brick walls are liable to issues from penetrating damp, where water seeps through the brickwork. This is especially the case in exposed areas. Putting a render finish on the wall will help stop this and ensure that penetrating damp is not an issue through the brick.
  • Aesthetics – If your brickwork looks tired or tatty, or if you have a mixture of different types of brickwork, rendering can make the property look a lot more attractive. It will freshen up even the roughest-looking wall and make it look modern and clean.

Insulation and render

Until recently you had a simple choice: to render or not. Now it makes sense to insulate your external solid walls and render at the same time. You can find out much more about external wall insulation here.