The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

UPDATE: As of 30 March 2016, the government has stopped funding and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is closed to new applications. 

GDHIF – The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, or GDHIF as it is commonly called, is the government incentive for installing energy efficiency measures through cash back obtained once the job has been installed. GDHIF replaced the green deal cash back in 2014 and aimed to push, not only the number of energy efficiency measures across the country but also the reward available for doing so.

Due to the the often changing amounts available as cash back under GDHIF, please check the latest blog found at the bottom of this page in order to find out what you can get.

What is included within GDHIF

Importantly, within the GDHIF there are two sections. One is the Solid Wall Insulation, which counts as its own measure, and the other is the dual measured approach, where you have to get 2 energy efficiency measures installed from a set list in order to qualify for the cash back. Any work that takes place has to be installed by a properly accredited installer, who has the PAS2030 qualification.

Eligibility Criteria for the GDHIF Scheme

To be eligible for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, the customer must:

    • Be a householder living in either England or Wales (it is open to both homeowners and landlords (private and social)
    • Have a Green Deal Assessment carried out within the last 24 months, and therefore in possession of the Green Deal Report (there is a £100 rebate for Green Deal Reports).
    • The Green Deal Report must include the recommendations that the household wants to install.
    • The application for the cashback must take place prior to any works being installed.
    • Not receive any ECO or other Government Funding (although you can take out Green Deal finance with the GDHIF).
    • When applying for the cashback, you must have received a quote from a Registered Participant for the Installation Work which includes name, address, the installation company as well the cost of the works.