Are Fischer storage heaters worth it?

Over the years, we have had endless comments left on our site from disappointed customers, warning people off buying Fischer Future Heat storage heaters. We  like to be sure we’re giving out good advice here at TheGreenAge,  so we thought we’d look into some of these reported problems ourselves!

Fischer says their their slimline heaters don’t just look better than competitors’; their core technology makes their ‘heat up faster and retain heat for longer’ than other storage heaters. They have better controls and heat dispersion than old-fashioned storage heaters too.

Are they a genuinely efficient heating system, or just an expensive con?

What are the issues with Fischer?

First of all, it’s worth saying that most of the problems we have heard about concern Fischer as a company, rather than the heaters themselves. While a lot of people agree that Future Heat is a good heating system, there are endless stories of problems during installation, and with customer service – and that is before mentioning the very high costs. One reader of our blog said they were quoted £14,5000 to replace eight heaters! Here are some of the other comments we have had:


The sales process

According to some customers, the problems start with pushy reps. Some of their sales people target the elderly, and we have heard from plenty of people that they have been given misleading claims, or pressured into signing contracts on the spot. In some cases, customers have been required to pay huge deposits, which are not refunded if the customer changes their mind – even if this is due to errors or delays on Fischer’s part.


We have also heard of heaters being wrongly installed – or wrongly specced in the first place, meaning they needed to be removed. In these cases, there are several stories of Fischer failing to turn up to replace them or pick them up – and long waiting times when they do. Some people have even been charged for the ‘service’. This all adds to a repeated theme of hidden costs!

Poor customer service/complaints procedure

One thing many of Fischer’s customers seem to agree on is the rubbish customer service! If not evasive, they are often unhelpful and even confrontational. There are plenty of tales online of people waiting days or weeks to be called back, and ending up with no real solution in the end. Some people say Fischer go back on what they initially promise, and are keen to turn it back around on the customer if they take issue. When it comes to complaints, they refuse to pass them on to the relevant people, and don’t exactly bend over backwards to fix whatever issue has been raised…

Should I buy Fischer Future Heat storage heaters?

The consensus opinion here seems to be that there is no issue with the actual product, but that some of their business practices are pretty questionable! In our opinion, the issues mentioned above would lead us to look elsewhere for heating systems.

The company has repeatedly breached advertising standards with claims found to be misleading, such as the statement that their heaters are ‘the perfect replacement for gas central heating’. While new storage heaters are no doubt more efficient than older ones, there is no way they would be cheaper to run than gas central heating. This is because electricity (per unit) is roughly four times the price of gas. This is before even taking into account the cost of installation. We would never recommend people replace gas central heating with electric storage heaters! If your property is off the gas grid and you want modern storage heaters, Dimplex Quantum heaters, for instance, are much more affordable than Fischer’s. Electric infrared heating will be an even cheaper way to heat your home.

The most off-putting thing about Fischer is that if you encounter any issues, you are unlikely to get any proper help from their customer service team. You only have to read their replies to online reviews to see how defensive – and even accusatory – they are!

I’m happy to admit that this blog may seem a little one-sided, but it’s tricky to find much good to say about Fischer, from what we’ve heard and seen online!

Have you had experience of Fischer? Leave a comment below!

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