We test the Solar Kettle!

Today was a gloriously sunny day in Costa del Brentford so we took the opportunity to test one of the products we have on TheEcoStore. We don’t like to recommend things we wouldn’t use ourselves so we put the Solar Kettle to the test.

Does the Solar Kettle Work?

Contemporary Energy, the company behind the solar kettle claims that 500ml water will boil in two hours using only the sun’s rays. We’ll be honest here – we were sceptical… But it really works!

Solar Kettle Before

It’s not completely fuss-free; there was a bit of moving the kettle around to keep it out of the shade, but we enjoyed keeping tabs on how quickly the temperature was climbing.We filled up the kettle and placed it outside at 3.30pm (so not exactly the sunniest part of the day!).

Setting up the Solar Kettle – Video 1

Just short of 5.30pm, the temperature of the water had climbed from 20°C to 80°C. Not bad for mid-April, when the maximum temperature outside was just 17°C.

Solar Kettle after 2 hours

At the end of the working day we had a convincingly hot cup of tea, generated from completely free energy, with no harm done to the planet. Not just a gimmick then!

A nice cup of tea – made using only the Sun’s energy!

Fair enough, it wouldn’t work as well on a cloudy day, but our eco friendly solar kettle could definitely have its uses: if you’re going camping, for instance. With a little forward planning, you can go out for a walk in the daytime and come back to a warming cup of tea when the evening chill sets in! The thermal qualities of the kettle mean that it will retain its heat.

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Eco Kettle – jump over to the EcoStore!


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