What is TheGreenAge?

We are UK’s premier energy saving advice community, helping millions of households and businesses reduce their energy use and become more environmentally sustainable.

What is the point of energy saving?

The UK is currently gripped by a unique set of circumstances that make energy saving all the more important.

Firstly, we are legally obliged to meet the carbon reduction targets set out under the Kyoto agreement. Homes and businesses account for well over 50% of all carbon emissions here in the UK – both directly emitted by consumers, as well as the carbon emissions produced by the electricity generation companies.

Secondly, we need to address how we are going to deal with the closure of a huge number of legacy coal and nuclear power stations here in the UK. Even though new power plants are being announced (e.g. Hinkley nuclear power plant), these will take at least 10 years plus to become operational, so we need something we can do in the meantime to help cover this loss in energy supply within the grid.

The third point that needs to be considered is the cost. A prominent report carried out by the ACEEE showed the cost of implementing energy saving programs is a third the price of installing new power generating capacity. Based on this research and our own findings, it seems clear that during these austerity-driven times, a push on energy saving makes far more economic sense. According to Cambridge Econometrics, investing in energy efficiency is a more effective way to stimulate the economy than directly replacing all the legacy power plants.

The final point – and this is more relevant for homeowners and small businesses – is the rising cost of energy. Since 2005, energy bills have doubled, which has had a direct impact on the standard of living for individuals and profits for these small companies.

Therefore saving energy is not simply about saving the planet (although that is nice too!); instead it is a way of helping meet these challenges. If we can reduce energy demand; if we can help to lower energy bills for vulnerable people, if we can wean ourselves off our dependence on the finite resource that is oil, then moving forward we are going to be in pretty good shape.

Insulation is the key to reducing energy cost and carbon emissions!

Our view is that although renewables have a huge part to play in energy saving, the main focus should always be on insulation. We feel it has a far bigger part to play in helping to cut domestic and commercial carbon emissions.

The UK has some of the oldest and least energy efficient housing stock found anywhere in Europe. This is why we fully endorse measures such as solid wall insulation and other pioneering thermal insulation systems, which will not only make properties warmer but will also help cut soaring energy bills.

Where to start on energy saving?

Here at TheGreenAge we want to help with all your burning energy saving or renewable questions. We have a dedicated team to help with just that, but we also have a lively community always happy to give their two pennies’ worth.

We certainly don’t profess to know everything, but we are in the privileged position to draw on our network of experts to help arrive at the best solution.

What is TheGreenAge motto?

The idea behind what we do is pretty simple – we want to help people use less gas and electricity, so they save money on their energy bills. The great thing about this is that by using less energy in our lives, we also do our bit for the environment.

We want homes to be well insulated so that they cost little or nothing to run in the winter, whilst being cool and comfortable in the summer.

Taking it one step further, we also want to help people embrace energy self-generation; more than 500,000 people in the UK now have solar PV on their roofs and are generating free electricity and they are being paid to produce it! Now is a great time to install solar PV, heat pumps (to access the RHI) and other self-generating technologies since they are backed by government subsidies and battery storage technology is developing.

Energy Saving Advice Community

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Finally, let us know what you would like us to cover and any areas in which you think we could improve!

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