Annual Boiler Servicing

Why do you need an annual Boiler Service?

We all need a bit of TLC every now and then your boiler is no different.

Coming home to a broken boiler and a cold, unhappy family is never much fun. Add to that the fact you need to wait for the engineer and potentially pay an expensive repair bill – an annual boiler service suddenly becomes a very good idea!

An annual boiler check can also be a lifesaver in respect to certain types of boiler. Older boilers with conventional (chimney type) flues can produce carbon monoxide if not cleaned and checked regularly.

Servicing a modern boiler will ensure it runs efficiently, potentially saving you lots of money on your heating bills. Regular servicing will also help ensure small issues with your heating system are spotted early, before they escalate into major, expensive issues!

Many boiler manufacturers also recommend that you get a service as part of their warranty.

When Should I get my Boiler Serviced?

The best time to get a boiler service is actually during the summer months, when the need for heating tends to be at a minimum. You can then be assured that your system will be ready as soon as you try to fire it up ahead of the onset of the British Winter!

What does a boiler service Entail?

A typical boiler service will usually take about an hour and will involve a thorough inspection and check of the boiler, its combustion and integrity. It will also include a visual check of the heating hot water system, but will normally not include inspection of the tanks in attics, concealed pipework, fittings or toilet cisterns etc.

Gas Safe Certificate

Gas appliances can be dangerous within the home, which is why it is essential to get a gas safety certificate to ensure that everything gas reliant, from your meter to you hob, is safe to use.

It is especially important to get a gas safe certificate if you are a landlord, as a gas safety check must be carried out every 12 months by law. Landlords are responsible for the safety of their tenants and having a gas safe certificate ensures the smooth running of all gas appliances and fittings. They are valid for 12 months after the issue date.


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