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What is Part L?

All new build commercial properties require a Part L document compiled as part of the process to meet building regulations.

How does it work?

An assessment of this kind requires a Level 4 Non-Domestic Energy Assessor or equivalent, and you will require a visit from one of our assessors to produce the documentation. Producing a Part L document is a collaborative process, ad we require you to work with us in order to ensure that the document accurately reflects the building and make sure the building meets the minimum standards required.

What does my organisation need to do to conform?

The Part L document is a legal requirement for a new build, along with an on construction EPC, which we can also provide for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Part L documentation requires a similar amount of work to an EPC, so the cost will also be similar. We suggest a guide of £150 for the most basic properties, all the way up to thousands for complex, larger buildings. We can offer a discount on any subsequent EPC you may require however, as much of the work will have already been done. Please call us for a personalised quote.

Why Choose TheGreenAge to help you meet your obligations?

Over the last 4 years, TheGreenAge has worked with a huge number of organisations to help them reduce their energy demands and conform with energy saving legislations. Public and Private sector businesses have benefited from TheGreenAge’s advice. We don’t just produce a certificate, we work with you to meet all your energy efficiency requirements.

How Can I apply?

You can email us at or you can call on 0208 1440897

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