GreenAge Commercial Energy Audit

As a business it is easy to lose track of your energy bills. They can very easily spiral out of control, and unless you have someone who takes responsibility for the efficiency of your buildings, it is difficult to make your business as efficient as it could be.

The GreenAge has been offering advice for many years now, from residential properties, to small shops, to big office complexes. When you book an energy audit with us, we will make it our business to help you understand exactly what savings can be made, where you can make them, and what your priorities should be.

We offer three levels of audit, depending on the size of your business and the detail you want from your report:

Green Energy Audit

This service is ideal for a small shop or office space looking to get to grips with their energy usage. The audit includes the following:

Prices start at £250+VAT

Gold Energy Audit

This service offers a more detailed look at where you are using your energy, and

Prices Start at £399+VAT

Platinum Energy Audit

This service is completely tailored to your property and your requirements, but includes the following services as standard:

Prices for this service start at £999+VAT.

We have seen many businesses benefit from these reports, and we can assure you that the vast majority have saved money and made their investment back swiftly following an energy audit. Lowering your energy bills and making the business more energy efficient will really hit that bottom line. Please give us a call or fill out the form below to find out more about our services and book your Energy Audit today.

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