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With energy prices on the rise, there has never been a better time to make all building stock in the UK more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency can dramatically reduce your energy bills and producing your own electricity from renewable sources can help reduce your reliance on the electricity grid.

Here at TheGreenAge, we provide energy efficiency advice that you can trust.

We are here to help you lower your energy bills at home or in the office. We can advise on the different areas of buildings that you need to target to slow heat loss. We can compare heating systems, including energy efficient boilers as well as heat pumps and biomass boilers.  We can also advise you on generating your own electricity through the installation of solar PV, wind turbines and other technologies.

As passionate energy efficiency experts we welcome all your questions and queries, no matter if they sound trivial to you – everyone is a valued customer!

In the three years TheGreenAge has been in operation, we have delivered energy consultancy services to individual customers; worked with partner organisations to deliver the Government’s Green Deal and advised the Department of Energy and Climate Change directly on one of its key energy efficiency programmes.

Whatever your energy efficiency query, we are here to help. Whether it is as simple as the advantages of LED lighting or as complex as bringing your building up to the ‘passivhaus’ standard, TheGreenAge has the answer.

Need Help? Call us on 0208 819 9153

Through our business partnerships and our ability to mobilise into effective teams, we can deal with any challenge presented to us. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail, which enables us to deliver a high quality end-to-end solution with just one primary point of contact.

Our aim is to make energy efficiency easy, and for the customer to benefit from noticeable energy savings. This may be a single home’s energy bill or the bottom line of a £million organisation.


If you would like to use TheGreenAge for your energy efficiency project or energy self-generation solution, call

us now on 0208 144 0897 or email us directly on


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