Combi Boiler and Nest Thermostat – Watford, Hertfordshire

This installation comprised of a brand new Baxi Duotec condensing combination boiler (combi) with a Nest thermostat. The boiler and the heating controls were funded by the Green Deal, which is the Government approved energy saving scheme for homes in the UK.

Currently under the Green Deal, customers like Mr Mileusnic can take out a Government loan and pay this back through their electricity bills. The scheme is a “pay-as-you-save” scheme, which means that installing energy efficient measures like new condensing boilers and state of the art heating controls can save the average occupier £100s on their heating bills. The Green Deal Finance component is the borrowing against that anticipated savings, so the consumer like Mr Mileusnic is no worse off.

To qualify for the Green Deal, Mr Mileusnic used us for the Green Deal Assessment, where in this case Henry (one of our assessors) went round the property and spent about 2 hours explaining all the energy savings that the customer could benefit from. A new boiler, heating controls as well as solid wall insulation were the top 3 recommended measures. With this assessment, Mr Mileusnic through our local Green Deal Provider partner organisation applied for the Green Deal Finance and with it progressed the measures right up them being installed on the wall as you see here.

Most importantly with this help from the Green Deal the customer managed to minimise his household’s upfront cost for the installation, and also have a brand new boiler that is guaranteed for 7 years (labour & parts).

The new Baxi Duotec combi boiler is an A-rated boiler, having a seasonal efficiency of over 89%. The Nest thermostat is not only a tool allowing the customer to set the room temperature, it is also a highly technologically advanced heat control system. With the Nest the customer can set-up electronic on-off times, use the sleek left and right toggle to adjust the temperature, be told about the weather and most importantly set-up the thermostat so that it can be controlled with a smart phone remotely through the internet.

Not only are customers benefiting from energy savings, but they can use the thermostat to function around their own day-to-day busy schedules.

    Boiler & Flue Gas Heat Recovery System – South London

With the help of our installation partner, this boiler was installed in South London under the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, which allowed Linda (the customer) to access £1,500 worth of Government cashback towards the cost of the new boiler. The Green Deal in this case has significantly reduced the cost of the install to ensure that it was cost effective for the customer, and without it, the cost of the job would have been prohibitively more expensive. Linda also had an option to take out Green Deal finance, which can also reduce the upfront cost – however this option wasn’t taken-up this time.

The installation of this new Baxi combi boiler (including the flue gas heat recovery system) has taken the energy efficiency of the property from 46 on the EPC up to 55. In addition as part of the boiler install a Nest intelligent thermostat was also installed. This really is a neat piece of kit, allowing the customer to control the room temperature and the heating on & off times through an application over the internet. So, if you are on holiday and forgotten to turn your heating off, then you can use this thermostat stop you worrying.

It is estimated that the new heating controls along with the new heating system will save Linda approximately £118 per year – without taking into account any future energy price rises

TheGreenAge works across Greater London and the surrounding areas to provide energy saving advice as well as working with approved partners to deliver installations of  energy saving measures (insulation, energy efficient boilers, windows & renewables).


    Green Deal Boiler and Solar PV Install – Crystal Palace London

Mrs Potter will now benefit from, not only two brand new condensing boilers under the Green Deal, but also a fantastic Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array on her roof. This has increased the EPC rating from an E 45 to a D 60. What’s more, is that she was able to get £270 Green Deal cashback on her boilers and thermostatic controls by having a Green Deal Assessment.

Due to her energy efficiency rating reaching a ‘D’, because of the boiler replacements and the Solar PV, she is now able to claim the full FiT rate.

New Condensing Boiler and Thermostatic Control System under the Green Deal

More about the Solar PV system and the Feed-in-Tariff:

Because of the ‘D’ rated energy efficiency rating of the property the higher rate of 14.35 comes into play. This means that she will be paid 14.35p for each of the estimated 2836 kWh of electrical generation each year, totalling around £410.

Mrs Potter will then be paid for 50% of that generation as ‘export’, being paid 4.67p of (2836 kWh x 0.5) around £67

The further savings will be the electricity used straight from the panels, lets say 50%, as that means she doesn’t have to buy it from the grid. Therefore (2386 kWh x 0.5) x her current price of electricity, lets say 15p. Around £212

Solar PV summary:

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