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Solid wall insulation in London

On the whole, properties built before the 1930s have solid walls: that is to say they don’t have a cavity. This means homeowners have two choices of insulation: external or internal.

We work with installers nationwide to provide external wall insulation, including Be Constructive in London. All our partners are vetted and installers approved by the manufacturers.

Using the EWI Pro BBA-approved solid wall insulation system, just 100mm of insulation will bring the U-value of your home down to 0.3 W/m2k – the same as a brand new house built today, all within building regulation specifications.

Not only will you see a dramatic reduction in your energy bills (35% or more), the solid wall insulation provides a new protective barrier to the elements, helping to reduce maintenance costs over time. The system we recommends offers a long term warranty.

How much does solid wall insulation cost?

Solid wall insulation starts at £90 + VAT (@ 5%), but the price depends on whether or not the roof needs to be extended, (the soffit) and the finish you are looking for. EWI Pro has a full palette of render colours to choose from, with the option of pebbledash or brick slips if you’d prefer, at an additional cost.

If you would like us to quote for external wall insulation for your property you can simply fill in the form on the right hand side, or better still give us a call on on 0208 144 0897. If you scroll down, you can see the some of the properties we have insulated over the last year and the different types of finishes we can acheive. If you would like to see these homes for yourselves, please call us and we can arrange visits to these properties. If you would like to opt for a coloured render we suggest seeing the colour in real life rather than just picking from the colour palette, as sometimes colours appear slightly different.

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    Some of our London-based solid wall insulation projects done to date

    This solid wall insulation project took place in Hounslow, West London on a semi detached property. The property had previously been pebbledashed, but the new insulation cleaned the walls up nicely, as well as vastly improving the thermal efficiency of the home!


    The property below was a solid wall insulation job near Greenwich, London. The owners of this property were keen to insulate whilst retaining the original colour of the house. You can see through the use of different colour renders this effect has worked very well.

    East London Solid wall job



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