Nick Miles in “This Is Money” by the Mail on Sunday

Our very own Nick Miles, in the Mail on Sunday (April 8th 2018), talking about the importance of insulation and money saving in the home. Original article link in “This is Money” section of the Mail.

From loft insulation to a log fire, these six tips could save you hundreds of pounds Read more:


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      TheGreenAge & EcoStore Mentioned in The Guardian

    Cold at home? Here’s how to beat the winter chill by The Guardian

    Insulate behind the radiator

    Radiators on outside walls lose heat, so a thermal panel behind it will keep more heat in the room. Homes with single-skin walls or without cavity wall insulation will benefit most from these panels.

    Energy saving company Greenage says not to use kitchen foil mounted on cardboard as it degrades. Much better, they say, is to use an approved material such as Radflek. Packs to fit three to six radiators cost £17 at Ecostore. This material does not crinkle and crease like kitchen foil and will last for years. Screwfix sells 4 metre packs of a similar material for £5.99. Radiators on internal walls are not worth doing, it seems.

    Lastly, take a look at your living room layout. Radiators with sofas hard up against them will not work efficiently. A shelf above a radiator moves the warm air into the room.

    Move chairs into warmer spots for maximum comfort.


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        TheGreenAge (Nick Miles) on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester

      TheGreenAge, on BBC Radio Worcester and Hereford talking about the current popularity for installing Biomass Boilers. Ever since the launch of the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in 2011 (domestic launched in 2014), Biomass Boilers have had a volatile demand profile for their installation. During the early years of the RHI, when the subsidy was extremely generous, 1000s of systems were installed around the country;  but since the regular government digressions of the rates their popularity has somewhat subsided.

      Listen here to what our very own Nick Miles said:

        James Alcock helping Be Constructive Installer Showcase External Wall Insulation Project in the Sunday Mail

      Be Constructive in the Mail on Sunday

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          TheGreenAge on BBC Radio London Speaking About Energy Use

          Nick Miles on BBC Radio 4 – Solar PV & LED Lights


        James is interviewed on LBC while doing a home energy survey in a customer’s home, highlighting common areas that we consider during our surveys and what we can do to help!



        Sky News Sunrise

        Nick goes on Sky News and discusses the energy efficiency of Soap Star homes with Eamonn Holmes & Charlotte Hawkins.


        Temperature of the home gets couples heated! TheGreenAge in the Times newspaper


        The Times

        It seems the temperature of the thermostat in the home can really come between couples. This research found that one in four adults argue about the temperature of the home, with four in ten women admitting to secretly cranking up the central heating and four in ten men turning it down!


        TheGreenAge on Energy Saving Week

        TheGreenAge on Energy Saving Week

        The Independent

        Energy Saving Week – There are lots of simple ways to save money on your energy bills – like installing LED bulbs or getting your loft insulated.


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