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Cold at home? Here’s how to beat the winter chill by The Guardian

Insulate behind the radiator

Radiators on outside walls lose heat, so a thermal panel behind it will keep more heat in the room. Homes with single-skin walls or without cavity wall insulation will benefit most from these panels.

Energy saving company Greenage says not to use kitchen foil mounted on cardboard as it degrades. Much better, they say, is to use an approved material such as Radflek. Packs to fit three to six radiators cost £17 at Ecostore. This material does not crinkle and crease like kitchen foil and will last for years. Screwfix sells 4 metre packs of a similar material for £5.99. Radiators on internal walls are not worth doing, it seems.

Lastly, take a look at your living room layout. Radiators with sofas hard up against them will not work efficiently. A shelf above a radiator moves the warm air into the room.

Move chairs into warmer spots for maximum comfort.


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