HotBin aerobic hot compost bin

The claim

The HotBin is not an ordinary composting bin; it speeds up the recycling process through hot aerobic measures that enables you to have rich compost within 90 days no matter the season. It also rids the compost process of forking, unpleasant odours, flies and rats.

How does it work?

Unlike standard composting heaps, the HotBin speeds up the composting process by promoting and maintaining a temperature of around 60 degrees. Using this method, all food and garden waste is able to be recycled in around 90 days without the need for regular forking or rotating.

How did it worked for me?

With the bitter English winters, and even the occasional brisk summer days, I get a bit worried that my compost heap frequently halts its composting process altogether, leaving my leftover sprouts from Christmas day untouched from decomposition for weeks for everybody to see.  I therefore jumped at the opportunity to try out the HotBin, aerobic hot composting system not just to maintain the façade that I like sprouts, but to boost my feeble composting system in general.

It seemed too good to be true that the HotBin would maintain a temperature of above 60C while it breaks down more types of household waste in a shorter period of time than previous composting methods, but I was pleasantly surprised with my findings. After a couple of weeks, spent struggling to get the HotBin beyond LukewarmBin due to my reluctance to read any manual or phone for help, I tried the recommended ‘kickstarter’ system, which soon increased the temperature to the required 60C. The ‘kickstarter’ involves filling up a plastic bottle with boiling water and nestling it deep within the pile of waste.

This HotBin composter does not just accept more waste and perform well, cutting the time scale for fresh compost to 90 days but also looks acceptable, a touch smarter than the wheelie bins that seem to enclose upon us like space invaders.

It is not without its pitfalls however, firstly I do not feel entirely comfortable about its strength, a tad on the fragile side where upon a wayward penalty kick from my right boot, seen disappointing frequently, may cause a cascade of compost to fall over my patio. I also advise that the compost from the HotBin be removed altogether, rather than small amounts taken frequently. This is due to the difficulty I found in replacing the lower hatch.

    Eco King Composting Bin

The claim

An easily constructed compost bin that allows you to adjust the ventilation levels, giving you more influence over the compost process. It also has twin lid flaps, making filling the bin quick and simple, while base flaps sanction the extraction of the final compost swiftly and stress-free.

How does it work?

The Eco King Composting Bin is a container that is made from 100% recycled materials. It provides a casing into which food and garden waste can be placed easily through the twin lid flaps and decompose creating compost.

How did it work for me?

After spending days on end, and various swollen fingers from hammer blows, trying dismally to nail together DIY, wooden compost containers I searched the market for an easier solution and came across the Eco King Composting Bin made from 100% recycled materials (1st thumbs up!). When it arrived I found it simple to assemble through the rapido click assembly and avoided any further harm to my fingers because it did not require tools. In fewer than 10 minutes I had created 600 litres of mean, green, composting…space.

The smart looking box fitted comfortably into the corner of my garden, and I did not come across any problems regarding putting waste in, or indeed taking compost out. However, the strength of the Eco King Composting Bin soon became its weakness.

The fact that my hands we strong enough to put the box together, meant I was slightly sceptical about how much compost it could hold until it collapsed…sure thing a few weeks into the lifetime of my new compost bin, it seemed to say enough is enough and buckle under the sheer weight, sending food and garden waste all over my garden. I suppose if I had filled it with scrap metal and not grass cuttings the collapse would have been justified. I also struggled to find the use for the Wind-Fix LTD Adjustment for controlled composting, and perhaps thought that this was an added extra that they could do without



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