10 top energy saving products 2016

The end of summer has got us feeling all retrospective about energy saving products we have seen this year. Here is a roundup of the favourites we have used and recommended over the past year. Some are new, some are old favourites, some are expensive, some are certainly not… But all these products have something to bring to the table when it comes to energy efficiency.

1. Infrared heating

Infrared heating technology really is amazing. Unlike traditional radiators, it works through radiant heat rather than convection, and therefore doesn’t waste energy heating air. When investing in infrared, you could overhaul your heating system, wiring panels into the electricity circuit and controlling them via a smart heating system.This allows for optimal savings, as you have total control and can also monitor your energy usage. Alternatively, you can just plug panels in to the mains wherever you want them for a boost of heat.

2. Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control every element of your heating and monitor usage, allowing you to make little changes which save electricity and keep your home at the exact temperature you want it. You can use it as part of a smart heating system to set your heating to come on at different temperatures and different types of day, or control it remotely from your mobile phone.

3. Stove fan

Stove fans are a really cheap and easy way to make the most of heat from your stove. Stoves can be a great way to make the temperature of your home more comfortable, and having spent money on fuel, you might as well make sure it goes as far as possible. Stove fans help circulate air around the room which would otherwise just rise to the ceiling. They are powered by heat, so there are no running costs. You pay a small amount for the fan in the first place and then it can help you save money for years to come!

4. AeroTherm

An alternative to internal wall insulation, AeroTherm paste helps to trap heat which would otherwise escape. Just 1mm applied to walls can save up to 35% of the heat energy lost from your home. Installation is quick and you don’t have to change anything about your home – just a new coat of paint over the top!

5. Flexible/folding solar panel

Not an energy-saving product as such, but one that lets you harness free energy when you would otherwise have to go without. Take a folding solar panel kit or a flexible solar panel with you when you go camping and you can still use a few luxuries without mains electricity. These are easy to transport and can be used to charge phones or air bed pumps!

6. Radflek radiator reflector

Truly affordable and easy to fit yourself, Radflek radiator reflectors are a bit of a no-brainer if you have uninsulated walls. They are hidden from view and work hard to reduce the amount of heating lost through the back of your radiators – by up to 45%! Even better, GreenAge readers can get an exclusive 20% discount using offer code TGA20.

7. Hot water cylinder jacket

Slip one of these over your domestic hot water tank to seal in heat. On a previously bare tank, you can expect to see savings of approximately £150 a year. If your tank is already lined with factory foam, savings could amount to £20-30 a year. It will pay back in a year or less!

8. Draught excluder

This may seem an obvious one to some of you, but it’s surprising how few people make the most of this really simple insulating measure. Placed under doorways, draught excluders could save you money as draught-free homes can be comfortably kept at lower temperatures.

9. Wind turbine

If you have an interest in green energy and using renewables when possible, you could install a small wind turbine in your garden. It’s not a cheap measure but could pay for itself in the long run. Installing a wind turbine means you can harness free energy and cut your bills. You’ll get paid for for the electricity you generate, through the Feed-in Tariff, and what you don’t use is fed back into the National Grid. New home battery storage technology means you can keep the electricity to use whenever you want it.

10. 100% Sheep wool insulation

One of our favourite ever eco products, sheep wool keeps you warm, helps prevent damp and filters the air in your home. Best of all it’s 100% natural!

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