20 Hacks For Eco-Friendly Living (Without Spending Any Money)

1. Give up bottled water. Seriously, it’s so expensive and so unnecessary

2. Request your bills to be emailed to you to instead of posted to cut down on paper waste

3. Cold wash your clothes (unless you wore a white shirt to a pizza party)

4. Cycle to work! Even if you don’t own one yet, a bike pays for itself faster than you might think

5.Rechargeable batteries make economical sense as well as environmental

6. Wash your recyclables before putting them out – contaminated items take a lot more energy to recycle

7. On that note, make sure you know what you can put in the recycling. Councils vary wildly, so check your local council website

8. Go veggie! Meat production puts a huge strain on the environment, and the veggie food is much cheaper too

9. You know those fruit sellers at the market that yell ‘two for a paaaand, sweetheart’? Their produce tends to be local, fresh, and much cheaper than the supermarkets

10. Drying racks not tumble dryers! Try the over-the-radiator drying racks like this one

11. BYOB – that’s bag, not booze. Sorry. Although, if you are buying booze, put it in a reusable bag

12. Replace your bulbs! If you’ve got the old style bulbs, don’t wait until they break to replace them, you’ll save money by doing it now!

13. Get rid of paper towels, they’re a huge waste of our trees and your money

14. Same goes for makeup wipes – try a reusable microfibre cloth like this one, which clean off your makeup with just water. Saves on wipes as well as makeup remover!

15. Imagine Netflix, but for books. Gasp! Visit your local library and read for free instead of buying all your books

16. Alternatively, download the kindle app and use your phone to go entirely paperless

17. Grow your own food where possible. It’s cheaper, better for the environment, and makes for excellent instagram posts

18. Fix the leaky tap. A leaky tap can waste as much as 140 gallons of water a week, which is a lot of wasted resources and lot of wasted money

19. Skip the fancy high street labels and go for a charity shop outing. Listen to Macklemore while you do.

20. If you’ve got junk in the trunk, it’s time to shift it. Empty your car of any heavy, unnecessary items and you’ll be surprised how much your miles per gallon improve

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