5 reasons to get floor insulation

Often the forgotten aspect of home insulation, floor insulation is either hung under a suspended floor, or laid on top of the floor to create an insulating layer above the floor. Without further ado, here are our thoughts on why floor insulation can work for your home:

  1. Floor insulation helps improve the thermal envelope of the property.

The roof and walls of the house are the obvious places to insulate, but many homes are then left with the floors being a weak spot. Insulating the floors creates a complete thermal envelope around the property, ensuring there are no weak spots encouraging heat to escape.

  1. Floor insulation helps reduce sound on timber floors.

For those with noisy floorboards and street noise, insulating the floors can really help cut sound in the home. Sound will travel around a timber floored property, so insulation can really make a difference.

  1. Floor insulation reduces draughts.

Draughts can be a big problem at floor level. Installing floor insulation will cut these out and ensure that your floor is not responsible for any draughts entering the home. Never worry about draughty floorboards again!

  1. Floor insulation keeps your feet warmer.

It might seem obvious, but how many times have you walked barefoot over a cold floor first thing in the morning? Floor insulation ensures your floors are closer to the ambient temperature of the room and therefore much more comfortable to walk over. Insulation isn’t always about energy saving, it is also about thermal comfort, and this is a perfect example of why savings aren’t everything. Floor insulation is perfect to combine with underfloor heating in this respect, for even warmer floors and an ultra-efficient underfloor heating system.

  1. Floor insulation can help improve the fire resistance of your home.

A layer of insulation acts as a barrier between fire and highly flammable timber floors. As such, it can help prevent fire from spreading. It’s worth considering what material you install if you want it to have fire retardant properties, though. Sheep wool insulation is particularly good in this respect.

Installing floor insulation

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