Homeowners’ guide to boilers

When you buy a new home, there are plenty of things to be worrying about and things like the boiler might not be high on the list of priorities. Even so, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind to ensure there are no nasty surprises come the winter.

Check the boiler is safe

Every boiler that has been maintained properly will have some service documentation Ask to take a look at the service records of the boiler and ensure that a Gas Safe engineer has carried out a regular service. The same should go for gas appliances like hobs and fires.

If there is none available, ensure that you get a gas safety check before you move in.

Check the age and model of the boiler

If the boiler is particularly old, chances are that parts will no longer be available, and it will need to be changed not long after you move in. How can you tell the age? Well on first look, if the boiler is floor mounted rather than on the wall, and has an open flue (with a large square flue on the outer wall), it is likely to be quite old. The most recent models of boilers, installed in the last ten years, have condense pipes on them – these are the white plastic pipe that comes out the bottom of the boiler. If the boiler has one of these, it has been installed in the last 10 years.

If you aren’t sure, the definitive way to tell is to take down the model number and look for the manual online – this will have the age of the boiler. It also lets you look and see how well regarded the model is. Some models have good track records, whilst others break down on a regular basis, and this sort of information is pretty readily available on sites like Which?

Will you want to change the boiler?

Whilst the boiler age and model might be fine, it could be that you have other plans for your heating, so have a little think about what is in the property and what you may want to have in the future. Is it a combi or system boiler? Underfloor heating or radiators? Are you looking to switch to a renewable heat source or an alternative heating system? For some people this may be irrelevant, for others, it is going to have considerable cost implications further down the line, and may have an impact on whether a home is going to be affordable for you.

Is it under guarantee?

Many boilers these days come with extended warranties, that can be up to 10 years in length, so even if it looks like the boiler is not brand new, it could still be in warranty. Ask to see if this is the case and for any evidence of when the boiler was installed. The last thing you want to do is pay for repairs yourself when the boiler was under a guarantee the whole time.

Things to do after you buy

Once you have bought your house, make sure that you get an annual safety check, as it is easy to let the date slip by, especially when you have plenty of other things on your mind with a new home. If you have done your homework, you will hopefully be prepared for any eventualities!

Installing a new boiler

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