Applying Wallrock Thermal Liner

Preparing to Apply the Wallrock

You will need: Your Wallrock Thermal Liner, Liner Adhesive, scissors or heavy duty snap knife, roller and/or brush, hanging brush or wallpaper smoother, and a plumb line and pencil.

Firstly, make sure your walls are clean and free of any loose wallpaper or flaking paint. It is recommended that all surfaces are sanded down and ‘sized’ with adhesive before you start.

Applying the Wallrock

  1. Mark out straight lines on the wall using the plumb line to make sure your Wallrock is applied vertically.
  2. Apply Liner adhesive to the wall or ceiling generously. You can use a roller or brush for this. Make sure you apply more over textured or damaged surfaces. It is worth applying enough adhesive to complete one length each time, ensuring the entire surface to be papered is covered with the adhesive.
  3. Apply the thermal liner with fluffy side down. You can cut a length each time or hang directly from the roll.
  4. Cut excess paper with scissors or knife. Be careful not to trim too much!
  5. Do not overlap the paper, as you add new lengths, ensure they are tight to the length next to it. Remove excess adhesive as required using a sponge and clean water.
  6. Let the walls dry for a day naturally. That means no heating systems, except if the room is especially cold.
  7. Now you can paint over the top or hang standard wallpaper to cover the Wallrock*. Ensure any small gaps are filled with flexible, non-shrinking filler.

*Note that wallpaper used should be ‘paste-to-wall’ or ‘non-woven paper’. Otherwise thermal expansion may cause buckling or folding of the paper.