Getting the Right Infrared Heating Panel For Your Home

Infrared heating panels are an energy efficient solution to heat cold rooms or spaces without using much energy. This means you can keep them on without running up massive energy bills, which invariably will be the case with traditional electric convection heaters.

Location of the infrared heating panel

The infrared heating panels come in various different sizes, which is relevant to the size of the room or space you want to heat. Go too small and it won’t provide you with enough heating or go too big and you will be overheating the space and wasting energy. It takes about 50 watts of heat output to cover 1m2 of space when fixing the panel to the ceiling or 60 watt heat output to cover 1m2 when fixing to a wall.

These ultra slim heating panels (only 2.5cm thick) are an ideal heating solution to have on your study wall; in your bedrooms; integrated as part of a home heating solution or used in office and/ or commercial premises.

Note: if you are looking to suspend the panel from the ceiling you may need a qualified electrician to fit this, as the wiring will need to be integrated into your existing electrical system. Otherwise, for just suspending on walls ensure the panel is near a wall socket.

Buying the right panel size for your room

Heating a small room or floor area (e.g. study, corner of your living room, etc)

To heat a small room, ideally you are looking at a 250watt infrared panel, which can either be hung on the wall or held upright. This size panel will heat 4m2 if fixed to the wall or 5m2 if you fix to the ceiling. We stock this 250watt heating panel in a white carbon fibre finish – if you are interested in purchasing this size panel please go to our shop.

Heating medium size rooms (medium size bedroom, bathroom, etc)

To heat a medium size room, you need to go for a 350 – 400 watt panel, which come in both the carbon fibre or glass finishes. These will heat an area of  5m2 if hung on the wall or 7m2 if suspended from the ceiling.

Heating larger rooms (living rooms, double bedrooms, hallways, etc)

A 600watt heating panel is the most common one that we currently sell. This heats an area of about 10m2 if hung on the wall or 12m2 when suspended on the ceiling. The recommendation here is to have two panels of this size operating in the living or a larger room, which will mean it will then do justice by giving better heat spread.

Heating large floor spaces (hallways, open plan properties and office space)

The 800/ 850watt infrared heating panel is the largest size, which is designed to integrate into larger rooms. If you have large rooms with high ceiling or a fairly open plan property then using two or more panels with existing heating will give you excellent comfort. This is because large rooms tend to be draughty and loose heat quickly.

The estimated coverage for a panel hung on the walls is about 13m2 or 17m2 if suspended from the ceilings.

Using the infrared heating panel

Infrared heating panels can be integrated with your existing heating to ensure the property is comfortable and warm in the coldest of months without adding significantly to your energy bills.

To ensure that you don’t leave the panels longer than you need to you the panels are built with an integrated heating management function so they cut off when optimal temperature is reached. Otherwise you could also integrate them to a basic timer or spend a bit more money to have them working with your room thermostat. This way you can add another layer of management and sophistication to your heating pattern.