Installing Ecoflap to my Letterbox

ecoflap chocolateThe Ecoflap is a patented product that sits on the inside of your letter box hole. With its innovative design it can prevent draughts that are caused by howling winds. Draughts cause discomfort when you are trying to heat your home on cold winters day and your boiler works that extra bit harder to keep a comfortable room temperature.

Ecoflap Innovation

Ecoflap is unique as it has a weight distribution system and a series of lever and pulleys that stops it opening when wind is blowing, but it allows letters and post to come through as normal. You can have it installed with a widget lifter so the flap can open up without strain when you are trying to post through large items and parcels.

The Installation of the Ecoflap

Installing Ecoflap is incredibly easy – just follow the steps below:

    • Take the Ecoflap, check whether the door is flat next to the letter box hole, by turning the edge and resting against the frame. If it is flat then the installation should snuggly fit; however if there is a slight space between the straight edge and the door, it may not fit properly.
    • Identify the locating lip of the product, which will then fit on the bottom edge of the letterbox hole. For a wooden frame door you may wish to use screws. If this is the case you need to use 3.5mm screw and no more than 15mm, so the cap can fit on top of it.
    • For PVC doors or if you don’t want to screw fix, then you can use a silicon sealant. In this case turn the Ecoflap around and liberally apply the silicon to the rim. Then place the Ecoflap onto the edge of the letterbox hole, ensuring the locating lip is fitted in the right place.
    • For any sealant that spills on the edges, take a wet cloth and wipe it down.

That’s it, simple as that!

To find out more about the installation process please refer to the ‘how to’ video below: