Self-funding the Green Deal – Worked Example

The best way to demonstrate the benefits of self-funding energy efficiency improvements via the Green Deal is with an example.

Self-funding Double Glazing and a Boiler Replacement

Assume the average cost of a new uPVC window is £800, and in an average property (3 bedrooms) that will mean replacing about 12 windows. So, the total cost = £9,600

A new energy efficient boiler on the other hand will cost £2,500.

Total investment with self-funding is £12,100.

Benefits of Self funding

Going via the Green Deal you will receive cashback for all measures taken out.


Cashback on double/ triple glazing is £20m2.  Average window size is 1.68m2

Total cashback received is £403.


Cashback on boilers is simply £270

Total Benefit of Self-funding the Green Deal

Cashback of £673