Best Boilers Winter 2019

It can be difficult to know which boiler to buy – and as they’re not cheap, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking the right one. If you’re wondering where to start, this guide should give you some ideas. First, we will look at the different types of boiler, and then we will explain which kinds of households they each suit, before giving some examples of models and costs.

What’s the difference between boiler types?


A combi boiler generates heating and hot water on demand, directly from the boiler. There are no tanks required.


  • No storage tank, less pipework – cheaper to install as a result.
  • Space saving.
  • Economical to run.


  • May not produce enough water for more than one bathroom, or for two outlets at the same time.


This is the oldest and simplest type of boiler, and it generates both the hot water that comes out of your taps and that heats your home. Hot water is stored in a tank, meaning it is nearly always available when you need it. It can feed several outlets at the same time.


  • Lots of hot water provided.


  • Less efficient than other types, as heat is lost from stored water.
  • Requires tanks, normally in the attic, so takes up considerably more space than a combi boiler.


Like a conventional boiler, it needs a hot water tank, but not a cold water tank. This makes it a good option if you have a room in the roof.


  • Space-saving – no need for a a tank in the loft.


  • May not always produce enough hot water and does not produce it on demand – can only provide the capacity of the tank.

Which kind of boiler do you need?

Which kind of boiler you need, normally depends on the heating demand, i.e. how many people are living there. If you have 2 bathrooms, all regularly used at the same time, a combi boiler will not be for you. On the other hand, if you have a small flat and you’re living there alone, a combi boiler will be perfect.


Small combi boiler

A good model, such as the BAXI EcoBlue+24, will have a maximum central heating output of 24kW and cost around £14-1600, including installation.


More powerful combi boiler

A good model, such as the Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 837, will have a maximum central heating output of 28kW and cost around £17-1800, including installation.

Or new energy efficient conventional boiler with water tank

A good model, such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Fs 30DCi, will have a maximum central heating output of 30kW and cost around £15-2200, including installation.


Regular boiler

A good model, such as the Glow-worm Flexicom 35hx, will have a maximum central heating output of 35kWand cost around £18-2200, including installation.

Please note: This should be taken as a guide only and you should always talk to an expert installer before making any final decisions – they will be able to visit your property and factor in the individual needs of your household.

Also, prices quoted above may vary depending on boiler model and where in the UK it is being installed.

Installing a new boiler

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