Can I reseal my double glazing?

What is the best way to fix broken double glazing seals?

It is possible to reseal your damaged double glazed windows and there are many sources on the Internet that will tell you how to do it yourself. However, to be honest we would not recommend it.

In the first instance, give your double glazing installer a call. Most double glazing companies will not attempt to reseal a window fitted by another company. However if you can get hold of the original installer, you may find that they charge a fraction of the price for resealing, compared with replacing the whole window unit.

The true fix though is sadly also the most expensive – simply replacing the window unit altogether. To be honest this is definitely not the most cost effective fix – replacing any form of double glazing (working or not) with a new double glazing unit will obviously allow you to see through the window and it will have some impact on energy efficiency, however the energy savings you will make will go nowhere near covering the installation costs.

If the view out of your window is your pride of joy, unfortunately you only have one choice and that is to pay for a replacement. We really do recommend getting hold of the original installer if you can though, since they might be able to re-seal it or offer you a repeat-order discount.

What about warranties?

Whatever you do, check to see if you have a warranty/guarantee left for the windows. If you do and the windows are showing signs of inner pane condensation, then presume that the cause was faulty installation and you may be able to replace them free of charge using the same company. However, if the warranty has expired then expect wear and tear to be the main contributor, and brace yourself for the replacement of double glazed units.

Are there any alternatives?

If resealing the double glazing is not feasible for you, it’s worth taking a serious look at a secondary glazing options solution like Ecoease, at a fraction of the cost of double glazing. Planning permission is not required for the this kind system, which also reduces condensation and noise pollution.

Installing new windows

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