External Solid Wall Insulation- St Albans, Hertfordshire
  • Insulation using 100mm Kreisel EPS external wall system
  • Customer expected to benefit from £450 annual bill saving
  • Property rating now very good
  • Silicon silicut render helps protect external walls

St. Albans is a small a picturesque town on the edge of London, and if you have visited it yourself you would have noticed that the buildings are predominantly made out of solid brick walls.

This latest install happened right on the edge of town, which features many 1920s and 1930s solid brick properties. Mr Piper’s home is a 1920s detached property, and the reason he wanted to have solid wall insulation installed was not only to provide comfort and warmth but in addition to make his air source heat pump work more cost effectively.

100mm of the Kreisel EPS solution was installed to the main flank walls, one on the side and one on the back of the property. The Kreisel system is held together by mechanical fixings and reinforced but supplementary adhesive. The insulation is then prepared and finished over with a waterproof silicon silicut render.

The property had many openings for windows and doors and the key with external solid wall insulation is that as the walls are thickened with the boards, the window sills are extended and finished off so that no water penetrates the house. At the start of the insulating process the fixings like dishes, alarms and soil pipes are removed for the boards to be fixed in place. After this is done the fixings are put back into place and the top layers of adhesive, inner coat and outside render can be applied.

According to the energy reports carried out before and after the installation, the energy rating went up a whopping 15 points, going from a high E rating to a low C rating. Given that most solid brick properties have a poor energy score (less than than the average band D), having the solid wall insulation installed makes a big difference.