Do I need a Gas Safe Certificate?

The Gas Safe register is a relatively recent innovation designed to ensure that gas installations are installed by a competent installer and that you have all the protections in place to ensure a safe, reliable installation. Here we primarily talk about tenanted properties, as those are the ones under the strictest regulation and the one where you will be liable should anything go wrong, but any work carried out on a gas appliance should be by a Gas Safe engineer.

What appliances require a Gas Safe Install?

Most installations involving gas will require a Gas Safe installer. Exceptions include flueless gas cookers (unless they provide heating). You can find Gas Safe engineers at the Gas Safe Register. Make sure that your installer is on the list there as a first step before booking in the works. If your installer is not on the register, he is committing a crime – and that is bad news for both of you.

What are the obligations of the installer?

The installer must have the relevant Gas Safe accreditation, and must carry their Gas Safe registration card, so you can ask for this on the door if you have any doubts. It is now law that any installation, whether that be in a tenanted property or owner occupied, have any works carried out by a Gas Safe engineer, so an installer without their card is going to be a big red flag.

What are the obligations of the customer?

Whenever an installation of a gas appliance is carried out, it is your obligation to let the local authority know. Although most competent engineers will take care of this for you, it is worth checking with them that this is the case, as ultimately the responsibility lies with you.

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Once the installation has been notified to the authority, you will get a building regulations compliance certificate through the post. Keep this handy as it will be useful in future – and they will charge to produce a reprint.

Gas Safe Certificates

An annual Gas Safety check is really important for any gas appliance. We advise that all home owners do this as a matter of course, but if you are a landlord, you will have to make sure that any gas appliance provided by you in your property has the appropriate certificates by law. If your tenants are on a lease shorter than 7 years, then it is your obligation to provide a Gas Safe certificate for appliances you are providing in the property. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gas Boilers
  • Mobile Space Heaters
  • LPG Heaters
  • Any pipework or flue servicing your tenants own appliance.

You need to make sure these are done every year for each gas appliance in the property if you are a landlord. If you are a homeowner it is just common sense. If you are looking for a Gas Safe engineer in the Greater London area, you can give us a call on 0208 144 0897.

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