Energy Efficiency and Soap Star Homes

Britain’s Best Loved Soap Homes Reveal Real Life Energy Dramas

For many of us, there is nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa and tuning in to our favourite soaps on a nightly basis. While we may pay a great deal attention to the plot lines and the characters, the properties these guys live in get far less of the limelight.

Debbie DingleWe recently undertook an exercise, looking at the energy efficiency of homes where some of our favourite soap stars reside, including Dot Branning from Eastenders, Debbie Dingle from Emerdale and Tyrone and Fizz from Corrie. But why should we care about their energy efficiency?

Well, over the last few years energy prices have risen at an alarming 10% per year and for many, that is really putting pressure on living standards. With energy prices continuing to soar, we thought we could highlight some of the key areas that the residents could look to target in these properties to help reduce their energy bills, bearing in mind that the houses found in these soaps are representative of many of the homes we live in the UK.

Increasing levels of insulation, installing energy efficient heating solutions and changing energy usage behaviours are all things that everyone of us should be looking to do – the financial payback is there already, and as energy prices continue to rise, the potential savings are only going to increase.

Raising the importance of energy efficiency as an “issue”

Being honest, talking about energy efficiency in standalone terms can get a bit technical and for some a little dull. We hope that by coupling this subject with something more entertaining and engaging like our favourite soaps, it would help make it all a little more accessible!

As home energy efficiency experts and Green Deal Assessors we have carried out over a 1000 surveys and in this process we have seen many different properties, all with their unique scenarios and home energy efficiency challenges. While, the soap star homes are not actually real, we used similar properties as a starter and then carried out extensive interviews with ‘superfans’ to help ensure that we had picked up on all the finer points of the homes – just to make sure we didn’t miss anything!

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