Get a replacement boiler with £1600 cashback via GDHIF!

PLEASE NOTE: The fund is now closed to all new applications. We are still able to provide quality boiler installations however, so please do get in touch.

Need a new replacement boiler?

Take advantage of the GDHIF scheme to get £1600 off a new high efficiency boiler!

As you may have read, the GDHIF (Green Deal home improvement fund) has just launched. This replaces the existing green deal cashback offer and, on the face of it, is far more generous (potentially £7,600 towards energy efficiency measures).

One of the issues though, is that unless you opt for solid wall insulation, you now need to take out two measures from a certified list to ensure you can benefit from the cashback.

In the past, the most common request for cashback we received was simply for a replacement boiler. Under the new GDHIF, since a boiler is just a single measure, this would not be eligible.

Fortunately there is a solution that allows you to get a new boiler and still receive the cashback via the GDHIF scheme – in fact, in certain cases; you can claim up to £1,600 towards the install cost.

How do you do it?

You will need to install a boiler in addition to a passive flue gas heat recovery device (the second measure) to benefit from the full GDHIF payments. The two measures are both included on the Governments list of measures included under the scheme.

Now obviously it will add slightly more to the cost of the install– as you obviously have to pay for the piece of kit plus the extra work by the engineer, however the additional expense should more than be covered by the fact you can now claim the full £1100 (+ the potential £500 extra if you have lived in the house for less than 12 months)

For anyone that is just looking for a boiler, this is a fantastic option, since not only will you be getting a brand new energy efficiency boiler – on top of this, the flue gas heat recovery device will further improve the efficiency – meaning less money each month spent on your gas bill. You can also claim up to £1,600 cashback to help cover the cost of the install meaning more money in the pocket.

Which manufacturers make the  boiler + flue gas heat recovery device?

There are several boiler manufactures that offer this system including Ideal, Vaillant and Glowworm. TheGreenAge , together with our partners CPCE, can fit these different types of systems to ensure you can take advantage of the Green Deal cashback (GDHIF scheme) even if you only want to install a boiler!

If you are based in London or the surrounding area call us now – and we can organise a Green Deal Assessment to be carried out on your property (which can be claimed back if you choose to get a boiler installed under this deal).

So before you speak to British Gas to get one of their hugely expensive heating systems installed, speak to us – all our engineers are highly trained and gas safe registered and you can be assured of the quality of works – all covered by the 5 year warranty!

If you are interested in getting a new heating system call us on 0208 144 0897 or fill in the form below.

To Learn more about the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and how you can benefit – click here.

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