Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is Live!

UPDATE: As of 30 March 2016, the government has stopped funding and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is closed to new applications. You can read about it here

GDHIF is now live again – we are not sure for how long though, so if you are interested in getting a grant to improve the energy efficiency of your home, call us now on 0208 144 0897.

The grant is non-means tested, meaning anyone can apply for it and if you are in the lucky enough position to be able to take advantage of all the offers available, the grant could be worth as much as £5,600 to you!

A Generous Grant for Solid Wall Insulation

The most generous offer in phase 3 of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund grant is once again the solid wall insulation offering – which is £3,750 towards the cost of the works. If you have moved into your home in the last 12 months, this could rise to £4,250 – which should go a long way to helping cover the costs of the works.

EWI, solid wall insulation

A property being insulated with EWI under the GDHIF scheme

If you want a new boiler or double glazing – again it might be time to apply since you can get £1250 (or £1750 if you have lived in the house under a year) towards the total install cost of two measures from the list below.

This is a Government backed scheme and it is incredibly generous – so get in before it all goes! As mentioned, you don’t need to be on any Government entitlements to apply for the voucher so it is definitely looking into!

To apply for the grant voucher, you will need an EPC / Green Deal Assessment dated in the last 2 years and also a quote for the works from a participating installer in the scheme.

You can find out if an installer is part of the scheme by clicking here. In order to see whether the installer is part of the GDHIF scheme, tick the box under the ‘Refine your result further’ that says ‘Companies registered with Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in England & Wales’

For more details on the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund please click here

If you are based in London and would like to take advantage of the Solid Wall Insulation offer – get in touch now! We can provide EPC / Green Deal Assessments and quotes for the EWI works.

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