How do The GreenAge Contact Forms Work?

As an a reader of our blog you’ve probably seen our contact forms knocking about the website. Even though you may want to know more about a certain subject, in this day and age giving away personal information is a concern for all of us. We’d like to put those fears to rest. Here we answer a few common questions about our contact forms – what they’re for, who sees your information, and what happens next.

Why would I fill out a GreenAge contact form?

First off, because we’re delightful and love hearing from you! We endeavour to answer all the enquiries that come through our inboxes – from questions about the right kind of lightbulbs to 10 storey external wall insulation, we’ve heard it all and are happy to help wherever possible. We offer many services, such as talking you through the cavity wall removal process or taking a look at your floor plans and advising you on what kind of infrared panels you’d need. All of our advice and services are 100% free of charge. Always.

Secondly, you might get in touch because we have networks of trusted suppliers and installers that we have thoroughly checked and vetted. If there’s a specific technology you’re interested in getting installed, we can check our map and get you in contact with local installers that can help. We take this very seriously and are committed to only working with companies that have a proven record of excellence. To be considered for our network they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Installers must hold relevant accreditations and qualifications
    To ensure that all our installers are experts, we always check that their accreditation are current.
  • All installers are interviewed
    We speak to all future installers to check we are only recommending friendly, helpful people.
  • Installers must come with references
    We check all installers’ references before including them in our database.
  • We continually monitor our installers
    We regularly ask for feedback from customers to make sure installers are delivering.
  • Installers must hold valid ID
    To give you peace of mind, we require recent ID to check installers are exactly who they say they are!
  • All installers must have insurance
    We also ensure that all installers have valid public liability insurance. This ensures that you are covered in the unlikely event that an accident occurs while they are in your home.

What happens when I fill out a GreenAge contact form?

If it’s a question we can answer ourselves or you’ve filled in a form to find out more about a certain technology, then we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can offering advice and answers. Sometimes we might give you a call back if it’s a complicated enquiry that would be better discussed over the phone, but usually we’ll respond to you by email.

If you have registered interest in being connected with local suppliers/installers of technologies such as solar PV, external wall insulation or new boiler installation then we can identify trusted partners in your area and get them to contact you directly.

Who gets access to my information?

Just us and any local tradespeople in our networks that you’ve expressed a desire to be connected with. We don’t believe in spamming you or signing you up to annoying mailing lists.

What if I’d rather call you?

Of course you can call us! If you’re still unsure about using our contact forms, of if you just prefer to hear a friendly voice at the other end of the phone, then feel free to drop us a line. Our office hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Give us a call on 0208 144 0897.

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