How much can LED bulbs save me?

We frequently get asked how much money people can save if they changed to LEDs. Obviously there is no end to the amount of figures and percentages stating how much better they are than the incandescent and halogen bulbs… but what does it actually mean, how much could they save per year and what is their payback?

LEDs give you savings all year round

Most energy saving measures rely on the heating within the home. This often means that the savings are only seen throughout winter – when the outside temperature drops but installed insulation means you don’t have to have the heating on as much. However lighting is something that is required all year round whilst the savings are often ignored.

Case Study of an LED upgrade

I have decided to use a worked example in the hope that people will have the confidence to buy LEDs and start being more efficient immediately. This case study is a real property, located in Yorkshire, and is an example of how TheGreenAge have shaved money off the owners’ electricity bill.

Previous to TheGreenAge’s intervention, they had 35 halogen spotlights, each one guzzling 50W. Their electricity cost 12.5p/kwh and over the course of a year each light was on for an average of 5 hours per day. This meant that their electricity bill, for lighting only, come in at around £399.22.

Now what we did was to switch over to LEDs. These provide the same fantastic lumen output to halogens as well as being available in a choice of colour temperatures, while importantly running off a fraction of the electricity.

How much did they save?

So those 35 x 50W, GU10 halogen spotlights were replaced, without the need to alter the fittings, with direct 5W LED replacements. This meant that instead of 1,750W, they were now only using 175W to light their home, dropping their bills to just £39.92 – a massive saving of £359.98 per year!

Now obviously LED bulbs are slightly more expensive to buy; however they are designed and manufactured to last around 25 years. So those 35 bulbs that have been replaced will save an estimated £8,999.50 over the course of their lifetime.

Each bulb costs around £8.99, so the whole order was £314.65 – thats a payback of well under a year and clearly makes changing your lighting one of the most important efficiency measure to do.

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Don’t believe us? Have a look at the maths.

35 (bulbs) x 50 (watts) x 5 (h/d) / 1000 (kw) x 365 (year) x 0.125 (p/kwh) = £399.22

35 (bulbs) x 5 (watts) x 5 (h/d) / 1000 (kw) x 365 (year) x 0.125 (p/kwh) = £39.92

£399.22 (with halogen)- £39.22 (with LED) = £359.98 (savings per year)

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