Looking for 100% pure sheep wool insulation? Look no further.

Loft insulation is the most cost effective energy saving improvement

Of all the energy saving measures possible in the home, the one that we would always prioritise above all others is loft insulation.

We try to hammer home in all our energy saving advice the importance of it, after all, it is extremely quick to install, and relative to other energy efficiency improvements, the whole process is essentially very cheap to do too – paying back in an average of just 1-2 years.

Why is insulating your loft so key?

Up to 25% of all heat loss occurs through the roof, but installing pure wool insulation dramatically slows this heat movement from the home in the winter. It is also vital to mention that in the summer (while it lasts!), loft insulation helps slow the movement of heat coming into the home, which should keep it cooler. This reduces the need for expensive to run air-conditioning appliances and therefore doing it now is actually rather sensible.

While there are a few options you may want to consider when looking at the type of loft insulation to install, none of them boast the sustainability credentials offered by pure sheep wool insulation. This 100% pure and naturally produced product works by trapping air in the crimps of the wool fibre, which slows down heat transfer.

Why use 100% pure sheep wool Insulation?

While sheep wool insulation is a slightly more costly method for insulating your loft, the argument for paying a bit more is pretty strong. If you have ever tried to install the mineral wool and it has touched your bare skin – the irritation that ensues would surely make you think twice about ever using it again. In contrast the sheep wool insulation is soft to touch and irritant free. In fact you can lie in it, even use it as a duvet keeping you soft and cosy. This then surely has to be the insulation of choice!

Sheep wool insulation has excellent natural insulating properties but in addition the wool fibres are hygroscopic by nature, meaning the can absorb up to 35% of their own weight from the surrounding atmosphere depending on the humidity, helping to preserve the surrounding timbers.

100% pure sustainable sheep wool insulation – the safest insulator available

Although there are many different materials used for insulation, none of them have the number of additional qualities that sheep wool insulation holds. Obviously sheep wool insulation is a fantastic insulator with thermal conductivities starting at 0.0359W/mK, however it also helps to purify the air from harmful substances & odours like formaldehyde as well as regulating humidity. It is also the only insulation that can comfortably call itself 100% sustainable as the only ingredient is sheep wool – and we have plenty of that in the country!

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