Magnetic Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a fantastic solution in that it not only improves the energy efficiency of your home; it also allows you to preserve the charm and style of your original windows underneath.

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What is Magnetic Secondary Glazing?

Magnetic secondary glazing such as Ecoease or Magneglaze is a removable secondary glazing panel, held in place by magnets. The great thing about this type of secondary glazing is that it is incredibly easy to install, low cost compared to both double-glazing and permanent secondary glazing and you will still benefit from lower energy bills. Plus it’s easily removed if you need to!

How Does Magnetic Secondary Glazing Work?

This type of removable secondary glazing uses magnets to hold it in place. This means that it is held firm, but can be removed fairly easily if you need to access the main window underneath during the summer or in an emergency.

Self-adhesive magnetic strips (coloured to match the window frame) are attached to the perimeter of the window frame – these are permanent, but since the colour matches the window frame, when the panel is not in place you shouldn’t be able to see them.

The magnetic secondary glazing panel will then have a corresponding magnetic perimeter, so you simply align the magnets on the panel with the strips on the window frame – and that is it – the window is in place!

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Measuring for the secondary glazing panel correctly

The key when installing magnetic secondary glazing is to measure up correctly – since the secondary glazing panels are cut to fit your windows specifically based on the measurements you supply to the provider – for example we work with Ecoease and they will cut the windows to the millimetre, so your measurements need to be correct – there are no second chances here!Magnetic Secondary Glazing

We recommend getting the panels to cover the whole of the window frame, as you can see in the picture on the right. The reason for doing this is purely from an aesthetics point of view – if you install the magnetic secondary glazing panel there, then you will hardly notice the panel on the window frame at all. There are lots of types of windows, but this type of glazing is really versatile and you can use it in many types of windows and frames.

Why our readers love Magnetic Secondary Glazing

One of the key reasons our customer’s love these magnetic secondary glazing panels is that they don’t need to change the window underneath. In historic properties, this means you can still improve the energy efficiency of the window, but you don’t need to get planning permission to do so.

In addition, in the summer months, when you want to use the windows, you can simple remove the magnetic secondary glazing panels from the window frames, leaving you to use the windows underneath as you have done in the past. The panels can then be stored over the summer months and repositioned as the autumn months approach and the temperature begins to drop.

So next time you are thinking of replacing your traditional windows with new double or triple glazed windows, stop – and consider installing magnetic secondary glazing – the perfect way to retain the charm of the original windows, but benefit from increased energy efficiency and a reduction in cold draughts entering the home!

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