More Home Energy Saving Q&A

The Green Room: What happens when you put two energy experts in a room and ask them…. well, whatever you want? We’ve once again put your questions to James and Nick, from Government grants to ground source heat pumps. For more energy saving Q&A, see Episode 10!

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How much land space do I need for a GSHP? 2:26

How much of UK energy is renewable? 5:37

Do smart bulbs save you money? 7:24

When can I apply for the Warm Home Discount? 9:08

Does my landlord have an obligation to improve my insulation? 11:00

What is the best insulation for sound proofing? 13:12

What is fuel poverty? 15:58

Do I have to pay exit charges if I switch my energy supplier? 19:00

What are windstalkers? 20:29

Do electric showers save you money? 21:53

Why do we get told to worry about water shortages and water running out, but at the same time worry about flooding and rising sea levels? 23:10

Can I use foam insulation on internal walls? 25:14

I can’t get gas, should I be heating with oil or electric? 28:50

We’ve bought a house with solar panels but the company that installed them (and got the payments) has gone out of business. Who owns the panels now? If we need them removed who will have to pay? 30:12

Does insulating paint actually work? 32:31

Where can I find a Domestic RHI Registered Investor in my area? 34:05

What thickness of external wall insulation should I get? 37:24

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