Our review of Ovo Energy

When doing a review of the energy market in the UK, “satisfaction” is far from being the prominent trend. A nationwide survey of 1000 energy users found that a shocking 39% of people don’t trust their energy provider and that 52% of energy customers crave simple tariffs.

Still, 95% of Ovo customers feel things are going well and have no complaints. And it’s not just “ok”, 70% actually rated Ovo as being better than any company from any industry when it comes to customer experience.

So what’s the trick?

Saving on energy

In June 2010, Ovo started paying a 3% interest to its customers who build up a credit balance on their accounts. In 2013, more than £1 million have already been given out in Ovo Interest Rewards (in the meantime, other big suppliers simply keep these huge amounts in house).

Get a quote on www.ovoenergy.com

Get a quote on www.ovoenergy.com

It’s really all about savings: with the “Just reward” tariff, customers save £176 on energy bills and on the website people can see straight away how much they could save by switching to Ovo.

For example, if you live in Clapham in London in a 3 bedroom flat and your supplier is currently SSE, you could save £298 by switching. This could pay for a holiday in Greece or a new TV!

And it’s not just about money, in the Ovo Energy blog; anyone can find hundreds of tips on how to save energy when cooking or even when buying a new appliance.

Why are they doing this?

Ovo Energy was created by simple energy customers, so when they speak about cheap energy and savings, that’s simply because they know how important it is for their customers.

See below, for the evolution of search queries on Google around “cheap energy”.

Cheap EnergySource: Google Trends

Green Energy

Renewable energy is important but not equally important for everybody and that is also reflected in Ovo products. Customers can choose between 15% renewable energy (which is already above the UK average of 11.3%) and 100% renewable energy.

Customer service

10 seconds, that’s the average call wait time on a normal day in December 2013. £20, that’s what you get when a friend signs up to Ovo and 8, that’s the number of awards Ovo Energy has received.

So why wait to switch?!


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