Bike Bright Solar Bike Light

The claim

This multipurpose solar charged torch is the perfect gadget for the environmentally conscious person. With an added bike clip and bell, it can also be used both on and off the bicycle and provides a powerful output lasting up to 4 hours and lighting a distance of 50 feet.

How does it work?

This torch uses the power of the sun to charge an internal rechargeable battery, which then can power the torch for up to 4 hours after the sun has gone down and a button on the back has been pressed. It also has an inbuilt bell for added safety on the road and a bike clip that allows a quick and firm installation onto the bike.

How did it work for me?

As a keen cyclist I am constantly trawling through gadgets to improve my bike. In terms of lights, I have recently been using a USB based number that requires charging every so often, annoying when on the road for long periods of time. Therefore when I saw the Solar Bike Light, I jumped in my saddle at the opportunity to try it out and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The light itself is easily fixed on the bike and I haven’t, in the 500 or so miles I have ridden since I purchased it, had any difficulties with it falling off. The amount the internal battery charges throughout the day more than adequately accounts for any distance covered in dusk and dawn and the added bell feature increases the potential safety factor of the product.