CompoSphere compost tumbler

The claim

This rollable tumbler composter aims to cut down the time it takes the composting process to be completed by easily allowing you to mix the compost within the sphere by rolling it around. Due to the roll-ability the compost is also easily transported around your garden.

How does it work?

The Rollable Recycled CompoSphere Composting Tumbler works by easily allowing you to mix your compost throughout the process by rolling it around your garden within a ‘hamster ball’ type sphere, causing it to intensify and speed up. With gripped ridges and a flat base, the Composting Tumbler, in theory, is easily rolled and once it settles on the flat base cannot roll away.

How did it work for me?

Without any interaction, my compost heap would stay in the same state that it started in while I tended to be the one getting hot and bothered, minus the decomposing I hope. So I have often spent hours forking up my compost, in the hope that it speeds up decomposition. However this never seems to have the required effect. Therefore, when I saw the CompoSphere rollable tumbler composter, I thought I had struck composting gold.

The tumbler allowed me to mix up my compost quickly and easily, even with a brief moment of fun reminiscing over my misspent youth. Rolling this device around the garden can, not only get your children move involved with gardening and waste management, but more importantly take some strain off your shoulders. It will certainly tire them out as the more compost there is, the heavier it gets. You may even be providing the next world’s strongest man, as a full 315L CompSphere is no easy feat to move across flat gardens (nevermind slight inclines). However, regardless of the difficulties in mixing the compost after it becomes ¾ full, it is still an improvement on my previous methods. The flat bottom means it will not roll away, unless a child has left it on its side and you find it the next morning through the greenhouse!

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The rolling means that, not only does it mix the compost, but also makes it easier to transport it to the required area. However I found the opening quite small and it was therefore not a speedy process emptying the tumbler.