250 Litre Super Space Saver Water Butt

The Claim

Space savers seems to have a reputation for being slightly more expensive, but of better quality that many lower end models – but this one is a very reasonable price. This Water Butt is 250 litres in capacity and is ideal for collecting rainwater.

How does it work?

The butt is connected via tubing to the downpipe on the gutter, and collects rainwater as it runs through. It will store up to 250 litres, and has a simple tap at the bottom to fill watering cans etc. It can be used with a standard water butt stand, and is fairly slimline so that it will fit into many tight spaces.

How did it work for me?

I know how important it can be to have a good storage device for my rainwater. Previously I have had a 100 litre model, which filled up very quickly and didn’t last long when the rain was pouring down in the spring.

This model looks much more impressive, and you can tell that it has been well made, much thicker than some of the cheaper, flimsy models. It does seem to fill up well and the water lasts much longer than my older model.

The only issue I can see is that it is a little too slim in that it could blow over in high winds, so I am putting it behind the garage where it is sheltered. Make sure you use a good base as well – the weight of all that water means you need something strong below, and you need a decent gap to get your watering can underneath!