Efergy Footswitch

The Claim?

The footswitch is a really simple device that cuts off electricity to all of your media devices when you hit it with your foot.

How does it work?

The footswitch trailing socket allows you to plug in several appliances to one power outlet, just like any other multi-socket adapter. But with the footswitch, you can turn them all off with one press of the foot on a large heavy-duty switch. This is ideal for those places in the home where the power socket isn’t easily accessible.

How did it work for me?

This is a really simple device that doesn’t really cost much more than a normal 6 way socket adapter. I wanted to try this to compare it to the other Efergy product – the Media Standby Eliminator.

It really is a compact, yet sturdy little device, and it doesn’t really take up much space near your plugs. The only criticism I have is that you really have to turn the tv or your dvd player to standby before you hit the switch, as I don’t really want to cut the power while they are on – maybe this is just my personal reservation. The Eliminator in comparison puts everything off in stages, from on to standby to off, which I feel more comfortable with.

This switch will work equally well on any socket with a number of devices attached however. You could use it on a computer or even on kitchen appliances.